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Internship Programme

In 2011 April, Tarmak007 announced the launch of a 2-month internship programme aimed at helping journalists and Journalism students interested in making Defence and Aviation as their specialised beat. From this year, the TIP will be open to those who are from non-Journalism streams too, with a minimum PG degree.
The first intern came from Madras University in May 2011 and completed the stint with Tarmak007 in July 2011 and the second in July 2012.
How to apply? Tarmak007 Internship Programme (TIP) is mainly aimed at young Indian journalists with a good flare of writing and passion for aerospace and defence matters.  Here are some tips for TIP.
1. Email Tarmak007 (ak.tarmak007@gmail.com) with your complete details as an attachment (Step-1). Do remember to attach a photograph.

2. Letter from your Editor or Department Head nominating you for this internship programme. The letter should also contain 2 professional references.
3. A separate letter from your parent(s) requesting for the internship programme. This letter would also contain two complete references of your local contacts in Bangalore.
4. A medical certificate assessing your health condition is be a must.
5. Email a two-page article (Word document) on: 'Defence reporting in India.' 
The blogger would then verify your background details and get in touch with you (Step-2). You will have to cross a final hurdle (Step-3) in the form of an interview (via telephone), before the TIP.  Your parents or your local contacts in Bangalore, will have to take some undertakings before you get enrolled for TIP. The internship programme will be based out of Bangalore with a duration of 60 days. You will have to make your own arrangements for stay and dining.
TIP Top: Once you are in, Tarmak007 would take you through an orientation programme enabling you to get a basic idea of Indian defence and aerospace programmes. You will be covering regular reporting assignments in Bangalore. You will also interact with scientists, engineers, pilots, designers and technocrats -- who shape the aerospace and defence future of the country. You will also visit some of the facilities, subject to security clearances. During the course of TIP, you will also interact with senior journalists in Bangalore (both print and visual). Above all, some of the best articles will find a place on Tarmak07.  You can also sharpen your editing skills while cruising onboard TIP.
All incidental expenses (travel, printing, photo-copying, telephone etc) must be borne by the intern. Tarmak007 doesn't charge any fee for the programme. 

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