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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BEL rings the Rs 5,000-crore bell

PARTY TIME: Mr Ashwani Kumar Datt, CMD, BEL (4th from left)
pose one for the album along with other Directors in front of BEL HQ in
Bangalore on the occasion of BEL turnover crossing the Rs.5,000-crore mark.

Bangalore-based Navratna PSU Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has recorded a turnover of Rs 5,235 crores (provisional) for the fiscal year 2009-10, registering a growth of 13.2 per cent over the turnover of Rs.4,624.09 crores during 2008-09.
According to a press release issued recently, the estimated Profit Before Tax is Rs.1,086 crores (provisional), as against last year’s figure of Rs.1,096.84 crores. BEL achieved exports of US $23.65 million, which is an increase of 33 per cent over last year’s figure of US $17.77 million. The turnover per employee during 2009-10 has shown a considerable growth to Rs.45.3 lakhs from last year’s
Rs.38.6 lakhs. The value added per employee has increased to Rs.19 lakhs from last year’s value of Rs.18 lakhs. The order book as on April 1, 2010, is estimated to be around Rs.11,350 crores.

Some of the significant orders executed during the year include supply of High Power HF Communication Sets, Frequency
Hopping VHF Transreceivers, UHF  Handheld Radio, UHF Radio Relays, Upgraded Fire Control Systems, Surveillance Radar Element, Thermal Imager based Integrated Observation Equipment, 3D Central Acquisition Radar (Rohini), Shipborne &  Airborne Electronic Warfare Systems, Night Vision Binoculars, Low Flying Detection Radars (Indra II), L Band Surveillance Radar (Mk III), Ship-based 3D Surveillance Radar, Doppler Weather Radar and Upgraded EVMs.
The new products introduced and supplied during 2009-10 include Advanced Naval Gun Fire Control System for P28 class of ships, Gap Measuring Device, Perimeter Security Jammer, Frequency Hopping VHF transceivers for paramilitary forces, Data Facility Kit for VHF radios and V/UHF protocol analysers.
Good-going, says MoD: Sources in the MoD, directly handling the activities of BEL, said that the Company's steadfast progress on all fronts over the years has  contributed towards this landmark achievement. "The Services and other customers have constantly encouraged BEL's participation on various projects. BEL has exhibited a rare sense of commitment towards cost and time run-over under check," sources said, adding: "Then, you have an array of products to vouch for. Quality was never an issue for us as far BEL was concerned, making them a stand-alone success, as compared to many DPSUs in the country. There have been some aberrations, which were sorted out in no time. "
Insiders also attribute the comradeship among the senior directors, a  rare phenomenon in a DPSU, for the company's march forward. "There's a sense of purpose and commitment towards all projects we undertake. It is not a trend that has mushroomed overnight, but one we had inherited from the past," a source close to CMD Ashwani Kumar told tarmak007.
That's some good news, and watch this space on more on BEL.

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