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Friday, May 7, 2010

Telemetry data crucial for Searcher UAV crash probe

An exclusive crash-photo of the UAV from Livefist. (Courtesy: Shiv Aroor)
By Anantha Krishnan M | Aviation Week
Bangalore, India | May 06, 2010
The Indian Navy says one of its Searcher UAVs that crash-landed on May 5 was on a regular sortie and that the aircraft can be repaired. The UAV went down short of the runway near the Southern Naval Command. “The UAV crashed at peak time traffic near [a] roadside. A Board of Inquiry (BoI) will find out what has gone wrong after analyzing all the possible angles,” a source tells AVIATION WEEK. A senior MoD official said that the Searcher’s telemetry data would prove crucial for the investigating team. 
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