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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thank You! Tarmak007 crosses the 50,000-hit-mark in 3 months; Bangalore defence journalists to form forum soon

Finally, tarmak007 -- a blog from South India -- has crossed the 50,000 hits in 3 months. Though launched on November 12, 2009, the blog became active only from April 06, 2010. The blog remained inactive from November 2009 to April 2010 due to the blogger's pursuit with research. The hit-meter started running from April 6.
The road ahead: With a majority of defense top-brass based out of Dilli and with most of them having their own 'comfortable networks' and arrangement' with the media, life has been extremely tough for a defense journalist in Bangalore.
Most of the defense establishments are only willing to part with pure PR and outdated stuff and most of them  don't talk saying "we need clearances from Dilli." Hence, you can imagine how difficult it is for a chap chasing plane-stuff 24x7. The media wings attached to defence establishments constantly exhibit their 'helplessness' in parting with information. Neither they can, nor they make an attempt, barring a few! They neither facilitate a journalist to meet the top man or his team, nor want a journalist to probe too deep into any projects. "We will be pulled up," is their constant refrain. One man in Bangalore is infamous for making calls to scientists, engineers and designers asking how a story went to the media without HIS knowledge.
The blogger's repeated calls to a Dilli-based so-called 'top official' often goes unanswered. His office constantly says: "Saab meeting mein hain." His mobile, rings, rings and rings. And, he rarely returns the calls and if he does, it is at his will!
To put an end to this iron-curtain-policy of  most of the defence establishments in the country, especially in an era of RTI,  and to make things very clear that Bangalore defence journalists can also understand technology, a movement is now gathering momentum in Bangalore. By July a forum of journalists covering aerospace and defence will take birth. As a first step, the forum plans to get the attention of Defence Minister AK Antony and then decide upon the future course of action after seeing his 'response.' The forum is also planning to use the RTI tool extensively.
The forum will also launch a campaign against the increasing 'gift culture' by both Indian and foreign aerospace-defence companies. "Keep the gifts & give us stories," would be a possible motto of the forum. Two senior TV journalists are already working on the blueprint of the forum.
Most of the blogger's close journalist friends in Dilli get to see almost all defence establishments, interact with scientists and experience the sheer thrill of getting an upclose with many projects. 
In short, Bangalore journalists end up getting pappads and printouts. We are often shown the  photographs of Moon, while others go to the Moon!
The days ahead will be action-packed as the first meeting of the forum will decide  the flight-path of the  forum.
(A similar forum by sports journalists of Bangalore saw many journalists getting exposure and opportunities to cover various sporting activities. The info flow to journalists also have doubled after this forum. Today, it has become a formidable unit.)
Finally, tarmak007 thanks all those on the web sphere for patronizing with the blog.

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