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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Snapshots from the BDAJF logo launch: Honour for DRDO's Dr Prahlada, LCA chief P.S., PR man J.P. & The Statesman senior pro Tyagaraj Sharma

Dr Prahlada, Chief Controller (R&D) Ae&SI, DRDO, releases the official logo of BDAJF in Bangalore on September 10.
Dr Prahlada admires the logo while ADA Director and Programme Director (Combat Aircraft) P.S. Subramanyam is all smiles. Doing the MC's role is the blogger.
Dr Prahlada & P.S. unveil  the logo at the backdrop.
Welcome by Vijay Grover of NewsX.
Senior journalist with The Statesman Thyagraj Sharma hands over the Inspiring Lifetime Achievement Award (Defence) IILA-D to Dr Prahlada. This was the first honor instituted by BDAJF. 
Senior journalist with The Pioneer Vasuki hands over the Inspiring Leadership  Award (Aviation) ILA-A to P.S.
Ayesha Khanum of Star News hands over the Inspiring PR Award (Individual) to K. Jayaprakah Rao, DRDO, Regional PRO, South. JP was the automatic choice for this honour considering his selfless efforts in setting up the Regional PR set-up for DRDO in South and making the labs accessible to journalists.
Dr Prahlada & P.S. honour senior journalist Thyagraj Sharma (The Statesman) with the Inspiring Lifetime Achievement Award (Media) IILA-M.
IAF veteran and BDAJF Mentor AVM Ajit Lamba receives a memento from Shenoy of PTI.
Navy veteran, Vayu Bangalore Correspondent and BDAJF Mentor Cdr Nirmal receives a memento from Bhargavi of IANS.
 Amit Sharma, SO to Dr Prahlada receives a memento from Ravi Shankar of UNI.
Ashok Baweja, former chairman HAL, receives a memento from Srikanth of Deccan Chronicle.
Dr Prahlada and P.S. in full action during the Press Conference. Photos: Bhaktar Babu/Bangalore Beat

Aerospace and Defence reporting among Bangalore Media is sure to witness a sea change with the formation of the Bangalore Defence and Aerospace Journalists’ Forum (BDAJF), affiliated to Inspired Indian Foundation. The official logo release marked the soft launch of BDAJF at East Cultural Association (ECA) in Bangalore on Friday (September 10).
On the occasion, the BDAJF honoured Dr Prahlada, Distinguished Scientist, Chief Controller R&D (Ae&SI), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) with the Inspiring Lifetime Achievement Award (Defence) ILAA-D and Mr P.S. Subramanyam, Distinguished Scientist, Programme Director (CA) & Director Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) with the Inspiring Leadership Award (Aviation) ILA-A. The forum also honoured Mr K. Jayaprakash Rao, Regional PRO, DRDO (South), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) with the Inspiring PR Award (Individual) IPRA-I. The trio is being honoured for their significant contribution in their respective fields.
Later, Dr Prahlada delivered an invited talk on ‘DRDO and Future’ while Mr Subramanyam spoke on India’s LCA programme. Senior journalist with The Statesman Tyagaraj Sharma was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award (Media).
Though, Bangalore boasts of maximum number of DPSUs, DRDO labs, IAF installations, academic institutions, ISRO HQ and other commercial aviation operators, very seldom one get an in-depth info on their activities. Often the Media is at the mercy of these units and one gets to see their facilities and interact with their top brass during choreographed press meets and publicity events. Hence, the BDAJF will now act as one single window and think-tank to share information, getting access, build a common data base and act as a watchdog of Indian and foreign aviation, space and defence establishment and companies.
The formal launch of BDAJF will be in November and it will enroll serious defence correspondents from electronic, print, web and wire services based out of Bangalore on a quarterly subscription basis. BDAJF members are soon calling on Defence Minister Mr A.K. Antony with a professionally-crafted agenda.
The Forum will also ask the government to take steps to activate Defence PR establishments in India of which many are found only issuing releases on wreath-laying ceremonies, passing-out parades, namesake MoU announcements and new postings. Defence establishments  in Bangalore with virtually no/inactive PR/CorpCom units will also come under the BDAJF scanner.
BDAJF is an invited group of professional journalists covering Defence and Aerospace as specialization. It has Mentors, including Air Marshal (Retd.) B.K. Pandey, Air Vice-Marshal Ajit Lamba and Cdr (Retd.) Nirmal. When the first quarter membership window was closed on September 10, 2010, BDAJF has 26 members. The next quarter will be open only in January 2011.
(Next post: The BDAJF idea and the road ahead.)

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