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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Breaking on Tarmak007: Tejas test fires R-73 close combat missile

Latest photos from Tejas sea trials in Goa.
(Press Release)

As a run up to the impending achieving of IOC and release to service, a Tejas detachment has been operating from INS Hansa in Goa, conducting the last phase of flight trials. One of the main objectives of the current phase of flight trials was clearing the firing envelope of air to air close combat missile from the Tejas.  The R-73 missile, which is the chosen air to air close combat missile for the Tejas.  The missile is integrated with the on-board Digital Stores Management System (SMS) and Open Architecture Mission and Display Computer. The missile selection is performed from the high resolution Multi Function Display (MFD) pages integrated with the state of the art on-board avionics.  All these equipments form the IOC standard of Avionics.
The test firing was done from the Tejas LSP-4 aircraft, piloted by Gp Capt. George Thomas, Group Director (Flight Test Operations) of the National Flight Test Centre, ADA. The test aircraft was accompanied by a chase Tejas piloted by Gp Capt Suneet Krishna. This critical test was closely monitored and controlled by the Test Director Wg Cdr Toffeen, supported by the safety pilot, Gp Capt (Retd) RR Tyagi, from the mobile telemetry positioned at the test location. The data and video from the test aircraft were also available at the base station in Bangalore through a dedicated fibre optic link set up for this purpose.
This flight test demonstrated the following important requirements of the user:
a)  Safe separation of the missile from the test aircraft.
b) No Missile plume effect on the engine operation.
c) Avionics and Weapon system functionality and safety interlocks.
d)   Aircraft Handling quality assessment during missile release.
e)   Effect of missile plume on the composite structure.
More firings of the missile are planned during the current week leading to CCM firing envelope clearance for the Tejas. The composite team of ADA, HAL, NAL and ADE designers is involved in the planning of the subsequent firing tests. The aircraft are being supported outstation by a composite HAL and IAF team with DGAQA and CEMILAC personnel. The result of this critical test has added yet another feather on the cap of ‘Team Tejas’ and the entire team is looking forward to the successful completion of the balance tasks.

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