Tarmak007 -- A bold blog on Indian defence: Combo Meal! A huge post for all Tarmak007 readers! Twin Treat: BrahMos Block-III+ test-fired from Chandipur; Tejas fires R-73 again in Goa, chaff & flare firing too tested

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Combo Meal! A huge post for all Tarmak007 readers! Twin Treat: BrahMos Block-III+ test-fired from Chandipur; Tejas fires R-73 again in Goa, chaff & flare firing too tested

Team Tejas after sea trials in Goa on Dec 2, 2010: Photo: ADA
A twin-delight for Indian aerospace and defense scientists on Thursday! The 290-km range BrahMos cruise missile was tested successfully from ITR in Chandipur. In Goa, NFTC pilots continued with their sea trials and fired yet another missile today.BrahMos CEO Dr Shivathanu Pillai told Tarmak007 over phone that "it was a text-book launch of the advanced version of the missile (Block III +) and it was 100 per cent successful."
In Goa, sources tell that the Tejas, in addition to firing a R-73 missile, also tested the chaff (to jam enemy radars) and flare (to divert an incoming missile) firing. (2:55 pm)

(Official ADA Release)

As a run up to the impending release to service, Tejas detachment has been operating from INS Hansa in Goa, conducting the last phase of flight trials before release to Service by the year end. After having successfully test-fired one R-73 air to air close combat missile on 30 November further missile firing trials are continuing at INS Hansa in Goa. On 2nd December after successful release of another R-73 missile, the test aircraft Tejas LSP-4 piloted by Gp Capt Suneet Krishna proceeded to test fire Chaff and Flares from the Counter Measure Dispensing System (CMDS) indigenously designed and developed by Bharath Dynamics Ltd (BDL), Hyderabad.
Chaff is a collection of fine fibre-coated aluminium particles released from the fighter aircraft for passive jamming of the enemy air-borne radar; while Flares are high intensity Infra Red (IR) source fired from the fighter aircraft, which acts as a passive jammer to the on-coming heat seeking enemy missile and deviates it away from the target aircraft.  Today’s test firing of Chaff and Flares from Tejas assumes special significance as this is the first time indigenously developed CMDS was integrated and tested on an indigenous fighter aircraft with Open Architecture Mission Computer and Digital Stores Management System. The release and trajectory of these stores were closely monitored by another Tejas chase aircraft flown in close proximity of the test aircraft. Visual observation supported by analysis of video recording of the release event indicated that the trial was successful, meeting the stipulated design requirements of the system. The test therefore was the culmination of a long journey of Tejas from a fledgling fighter aircraft to a full blown weapon system with passive missile and radar jamming capabilities.
The achievement is the culminations of the endeavor of several scientists and engineers from HAL , IAF, NAL, DRDO, DPSUs, CEMILAC, DG-AQA and ADA.  A major achievement in the Tejas programme. (5:10 pm)

Brahmos launch: Video Courtesy, DRDO
(Official Press Release)

Block III version of Brahmos with advanced guidance and upgraded software, incorporating high maneuvers at multiple points and steep dive from high altitude was flight tested successfully from Launch Complex III at Integrated Test Range, Chandipur at 10:55hrs.  All Telemetry, Tracking stations including naval ships near terminal point have confirmed the mission success.  The launch was executed from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher by the trained Army Personnel.  DRDO scientists, who have significantly contributed for this advanced guidance system were thrilled to see the supersonic maneuvers of the missile in the real time display, proving their immense effort.  The flight witnessed by high ranking officials of the Army, expressed their happiness to have such high potential weapon system in the Army.   Dr. A Sivathannu Pillai, CC R&D (DRDO) & CEO, MD Brahmos Aerospace has confirmed from the Block House the successful mission and described it as a “text book launch”.  Shri  P Venugopalan, Director DRDL, Sri SP Dash, Director ITR and  Sri S. Som, Project Director participated in the successful mission.  Defence Minister congratulated DRDO & Brahmos scientists and Army Officers and the whole team for the success of the mission. (4.00 pm)
BrahMos Dec 2, 2010 launch. Photo: DRDO
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