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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breaking on Tarmak007: The vanishing act -- Job description (JD) for HAL chairman goes missing from PESB website mysteriously!

 A screenshot of  PESB website which gives out the vacancies of various PSUs/DPSUs. 
  The Sl N. 66 in the above screenshot is specific to HAL Chairman's vacancy and if you click on the job description (JD), you are in for a shocker. The JD was posted on December 9, 2010 with February 7, 2011 deadline, for candidates to apply.
    The current tenure status of HAL Board Directors on PESB site. In the second column you will find Director (Finance) D. Shivamurti, whose five-year tenure ended on October 27, 2010. He is yet to get an extension. Read the report below for more on this. 
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It was a tip-off from a senior HAL man today morning that prompted Tarmak007 to hit the PESB website. With most of the tip-offs from HAL turning out to be one with no-substance, lack of evidence and those coming out of petty ego clashes, Tarmak007 had taken HAL completely  off the radar for some time, now. Moreover, the Media in Bangalore are often left in the lurch as to whom to contact in HAL for some authentic info. The situation might be different for some publications, who always print please-all interviews as part of their survival package. Otherwise, HAL continues to celebrate their 70-year-long existence in India, behind iron curtain. Doors shut on the media, completely, for over an year now! And, did anyone say that we are living in an IT era?
Oops! Back to PESB website! After a thorough check of all the details on the site, Tarmak007 found that HAL Chairman’s job description (JD) is missing at Sl No 66, though the vacancy is advertised. After calling up all possible numbers at PESB and then being made to do the phono-merry-go-round – a standard act by babudom --   an insider finally had the guts to say said that “there could be some issues with the JD.” He confirmed that it is not a technical hitch as all the other JD’s are opening instantly. Tarmak007’s attempts to get in touch with Vedantam Giri, Director, PESB, on 011 24362936, didn’t find the desired result as his office staff kept on transmitting the same message – we journalists often get -- “Saab meeting main hain.”
So what’s the breaking news? Well, the current HAL chairman Nayak’s tenure is ending on October 31, 2011. The PESB generally begins the routine procedure to find a replacement 8-10 months in advance, ahead of a post going vacant. It gives the candidates 2 months to apply after fulfilling all the procedures. Then the interviews and so on.
“It (HAL chairman’s position) will be the most sought-after one now, with no  candidates being eligible from HAL, to apply. The senior-most director (finance) D. Shivamurti has his share of worries regarding his extension. He was even rejected during earlier occasions when he appeared for the chairman’s post,” says a source.
Shivamurti too is a worried man because his tenure as HAL Director (F) ended on October 27, 2010 and neither the PESB nor MoD have made up their minds, whether to keep him or dump him. There's no rhyme or reason as to why a crucial post in a DPSU is kept hanging from a cliff! There are multiple theories hovering around in HAL and in MoD as to why this man is not being given an extension or why it is being delayed. For want of confirmation, Tarmak007 can’t post these ‘plane theories,’ but will get you the right stuff, soon.
The PESB put out the JD for next chairman on December 9, 2010 (its website confirms the date) and according to insiders in HAL, it vanished after a day, a fact that could not be verified by the blogger. But it’s missing now and there’s something cooking!
Is HAL finally going to get an outsider as its chairman, after a long time? Is he going to be from the Indian Air Force (IAF)? Is the JD being withdrawn so that, it can be tweaked, trimmed and tilted to get more candidates onboard? With none being most-likely eligible from HAL for the chairman’s post (as things stand now), it is very clear that there’s a re-think from the part of PESB or MoD as to how the JD should look like.
There are 70 vacancies listed on the PESB site as on 15.12.2010, out of which many are from DPSUs. Even the BEL Chairman’s post too is advertised along with many Directors of BEML, BEL, BDL and even HAL.
So, where did  HAL Chairman’s JD disappear? And, that's the breaking news folks, today!

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