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Friday, January 7, 2011

MasCom student joins Tarmak007's Tejas IOC party!

Rahul Devnath
"Shooting spectacular flying machines has always been my passion. With my fauji background, I used to wake up to the morning alarms from Mig-21s and never missed the evening 'friendship fly-pasts' of IL-76s. It also gave me an opportunity to travel to some key air bases in India and capture some magnificent flying machines of Indian Air Force (IAF) in all its glory. It just seems like yesterday, when the LCA took to the skies for the first time on Jan 4, 2001. I always wished to shoot Tejas and thought I could do it some time if I pursued my higher education from Bangalore -- the Aviation Capital of India. Here’s my small tribute to the fighter, which made India self-reliant in many ways. I am happy to join Tarmak007's celebrations to mark IOC for Tejas by gifting these photos.” Rahul Devnath is a freelance photographer, pursuing his Final Year MasCom from Garden City College, Bangalore.

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