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Monday, January 31, 2011

Update # 13: Only lip service; Jetly's family yet to get justice!

Close to three weeks after the demise of Wg Cdr Vikas Jetly, there seems to be noting substantiate happening from the side of IAF and India government. While, the IAF officials  have not yet made an official statement in this regard, India's defense minister A.K. Antony had at least the courtesy to reply to a letter written to him by Jetly's wife Shalini.
Here's what an IAF official wrote to Tarmak007, when asked why there's still a delay in getting justice to Jetly family. "I am told her case is under progress. While on it, there are a few things that need to be understood. She was offered a job as warden in Air Force Bal Bharti School where she could avail of accommodation and also have her children transferred for convenience, among other things. She turned it down and insists for a teaching job in The Air Force School only. She is a Home Science graduate, over 40 years and with no experience in teaching at school. She has only college teaching experience but as per the guidelines of the government her qualifications/age do not conform to the requirements for a fresh appointment of a new teacher. The AF is also considering seeking a special waiver for her from the Govt. Yet there is one problem. There is a vacancy for only one Home Science teacher and there is already someone serving for years. The teacher serving cannot be removed to accommodate Mrs Jetly. The administration is trying to figure out a workable way. While all sympathies exist for the family, some things do not find easy solution every which way the family wants. And rightly, as the minister wrote, things are being actually looked into," the official said.
Family members now confirm to Tamak007 that the Shalini Jetly is now planning to meet the wife of India's Air Chief through the Air Force Wives' Welfare Association.
It is indeed really sad that the widow of IAF's promising and ace stunt pilot is put to so much of difficulties by the administration. While it is great to see India's defense minister Antony has written to the family, what really needs to be seen is whether a solution would emerge without delay.
If not, it will be a major embarrassment to IAF, Ministry of Defense and other officials during the upcoming Aero India.
Justice for Jetly. Just that!
(A report in today's Deccan Herald)

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