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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aero India unsung heroes: Ready to swing into action in 3 minutes!

It was one sight in contrast. Away from the mighty flying machines, men who talk technology, dare-devil pilots,  event managers, PR hawks, defence ‘experts’ and (gift)-ed  journalists there were a group of men ready to swing into action if need be. The disaster management group under the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). The team is headed by K.K. Pradeep, who led the Karnataka contingent of the disaster management team at the recent Sabarimala tragedy. The team is prepared even to tackle terrorists, chemical or biological attack. Many were seen testing the DRDO’s NBC masks at the base camp. The place was a dhaba (an eatery) just before Aero India and the Karnataka Government took over the same to make space for the team. “The response this time during Aero India 2011 – in case of an emergency – has been programmed to 3 minutes. It was 7 minutes in 2007 and 5 minutes in 2009. Many of our operational modes can’t be divulged since many agencies are involved,” says Pradeep. “We have grown over the years and have become a very tactical unit with modern gadgets to support our missions,” says inspector J.S. Bains, team commander. (Photos: A.R. Jose, Aviation Week, Show Daily)

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