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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mioa & Mantri! When Antony got hit by a Chinese 'missile'!

 Photo 1 & 2 show the Chinese journalists posing questions to Antony. Photo 3 Antony's response.
This was probably an interesting highlight of Day-1 at Aero India 2011. Indian Defense Minister A.K. Antony was very much at ease (as usual) answering in his inimitable style, a volley of queries from the Press. At the fag end of the Press meet came an unexpected 'missile' from the last row. This one from China.

Li Miao, the only Chinese journalist at the show complained to Antony how she had to struggle to get an entry into the inaugural day of  the show. Her pass was valid only for Day-1. “Mr Antony, I am from China... China... I congratulate you on the show, which I think is a great success. But I want to tell you that I had not received passes until this morning and I still do not have passes to cover the remaining part of the show. Are we (China) really invited for this show? I wanted to know,” she fired the first 'cruising missile.'
Taken aback, Antony immediately directed officials from Ministry of Defense to do everything so that she could cover the show on all days. “She is a young and energetic lady, do not disappoint her,” he said. There was a sudden buzz at the conference hall and everyone seems to have enjoyed this bit of Q&A session. 
Miao is with the China Central Television (CCTV). She also wanted to know when India and China would co-develop defence technologies (!!!!!!), to which Antony replied: “A few differences between the two countries, especially unresolved border disputes are to be solved. But don't forget,  China is one of our biggest trade partner which is a positive sign.”
Ahead of Aero India 2011, the Indian government had  said that China won't be attending the Aero India  2011 as they weren't invited. Later, Tarmak007 had reported (read as first to report in the world!!) that China had been extended an invitation and some journalist(s) and business delegation might be attending the show. There are no Chinese exhibits at the show.
That's all from the Mioa-Minister duet!
(Note: Mantri in Hindi means Minister)

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