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Monday, February 14, 2011

Tarmak007 fan Shashank is the star of Aero India

 Photos: Tarmak007 
(In the last pic DNA's defense writer Nirad Muddur in conversation with the pilot (Robin), who flew Shashank.)
Fate has different plans for different people. And for Shashank H.R., a Bangalore-based engineering student, it had definitely a different plan during this Aero India. Seldom does one get to fly a fighter, even before getting onboard a commercial plane. Shashank did exactly that, thanks to him winning a promotional activity conducted by the makers of Grippen.
When the blogger congratulated Shashank while being escorted for a Media briefing by the Grippin team, at the Yelahanka AF Station on Feb 13, Shashank asked, looking at my Media badge: “Are you Tarmak007? Oh! I read it every day. Great,” While this is no attempt to trumpet Tarmak007’s popularity (!!), or wanting to snatch a piece of Shashak’s sudden celebrity status, one thing was sure for the blogger that this lad would go places.
During the Media interaction, Shashank was cool as a cucumber. Giving him company were his family members. Robin, the pilot who flew him told Tarmak007 that the boy exhibited exceptionally high-level of confidence. “Considering that he didn’t have a flying experience before, this flight was very special to us. The boy is marvelous and very talented,” says Robin.
Great going Shashank!

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