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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ignis Aerospace working on meshing of LCA Mk-II; inks pact with Lectromec, Radel

By Anantha Krishnan M. | Aviation Week |March 16 | Kochi | India |

Ignis Aerospace is partnering with Lectromec of the U.S. and India’s Radel to analyze the safety and effectiveness of aircraft wiring systems. Developing or maintaining a wiring system involves more than just ensuring all aircraft components are connected; it is also about minimizing the number and weight of wires, addressing routing needs and determining co-location and arc hazards.
“A cohesive examination of these areas can ensure the safety and reliability of the aircraft systems,” Raj V. Gopal, Ignis vice president for sales and marketing, tells Aviation Week. “This advanced analysis is now available through the Radel, Ignis and Lectromec partnership.”
“This partnership significantly improves the knowledge and experience of each of our companies,” says Michael Traskos, president of Lectromec. “I believe that this will be able to provide a comprehensive engineering, design and risk assessment [capability] for both new and existing aircraft.”
LCA Mk-II: Ignis is currently working on the meshing for LCA Mark-2 and looking into getting computational fluid dynamics pressure distribution over aircraft configuration. “There are other teams working on aircraft structures, axis machining, software development and independent verification and validation process.  We also work with aircraft OEMs, part manufacturers, and engineering service providers in India, the US, Europe, UK and in the Middle East,’ says Nihar, Nihar Ranjan Samantara, founder director, Ignis Group and a former DRDO scientist.Some of Ignis’ customers include Nex-Tech Aerospace, Eclipse Aviation, Piper Aircraft, SA Mena, Aeronautical Development Agency and Northwest Engineering.  It is also involved in the design and analysis for empennage section of a business jet aircraft including weight optimization, computer numerical control programming and fixture design for aerospace components for part manufacturers, generating 3D models, designing and manufacturing of box assemblies, sheet metal design and fabrication, wire harness design and manufacturing and validation of software for flight-critical applications.
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