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Sunday, March 27, 2011

P-108L: Tejas Test Pilot touches down with an innovative emergency traffic solution

By LCA Test Pilot
I was going through Tarmak and really got inspired by the caption of the Forum of Defense and Aerospace Journalists, Bangalore (FDAJB) -- Together, We Shall... A link from the blog took me further to the Inspired Indian Foundation website and I found another line, which read: If India has to change, WE must change first.
Inspired by both, I decided that the time has come for me to share with the world, something that has been very special to me. And, if anyone is surprised why I chose Tarmak, the answer is simple. Every pilot who joins the LCA Team in Bangalore won't miss a stroll on Brigade Road and surfing Tarmak – an exciting blog for the plane clan.
My dream: Project 108 Lane (P-108L) is my baby. It envisages provisioning of Emergency Services like ambulance, fire and police to ply on roads, irrespective of traffic. This project has an opportunity to create a safe and secure environment for our near and dear ones to live in the future. It will bring about well-being, prosperity and development.
About me: I am working as Test Pilot at Aeronautical Development Agency and flight testing the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas. Well, why I have initiated P-108L not because I belong to the Armed Forces, because I am a citizen of this country. And I feel it is my duty to carry out tasks which benefit me, my families, friends, relatives, communities, society, state and ultimately, the country. Also, if nothing is done now, the present state will remain in the future too. So, why not initiate something that will better our lives?
Present Scenario: In the present scenario, there is commotion and chaos on roads. People have no concern for fellow road travelers; want to reach their destination in the fastest time possible causing impatience, restlessness, dissatisfaction etc. This in turn results into abrasions, quarrels, fights, incidents, accidents and ultimately, in some cases -- death. And everyone is affected by it including mine and your near and dear ones. Also, there is no concern if there is an ambulance sounding a horn behind. Hardly anybody moves aside to give way, which can well be the cause of that patent's death. More lives could have been saved in Carlton Towers Fire at Bangalore, had the fire brigades reached earlier.
Probable Future: If no action is taken now, this scenario will only get worse in the future. Impatience in my generation is much more than my father's generation and its only increasing in the future generations. This would invariably result in more accidents and deaths in the future. And the people involved could be your\mine near or dear ones, too.
What change will this Project bring?: Implementation of P-108L will save many human lives. It would instill a sense of self-discipline, patience, concern and care for others, organized road traffic and ultimately, a beautiful country to live in.
What have I done till now?:  Since, I am currently posted in Bangalore, I have shared the details of P-108L with Additional Traffic Commissioner of Police (Bangalore) Praveen Sood. I have also shared the idea with former President of India Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who in turn gave a very positive feedback. I have also emailed the P-108L details to many others too, 
including some of the leading national channels and newspapers. It’s now the time to get public awareness about P-108L and ultimately force the administration to implement it.
My request: I therefore request your active participation in this P-108L. At the end, what matters is the environment in which we live. Today, I am grateful to our previous generations that I have freedom to do whatever I can in my country. Similarly, if P-108L gets implemented, the future generation will live in safer and a more secure environment.
Finally…I am not interested in my name getting associated with P-108L. I am only interested in having the most amazing environment for my children, your children and our communities to live in.
(What’s P-108L? Coming soon on Tarmak007)

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