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Friday, March 11, 2011

SFC tests Dhanush, Prithvi missiles successfully

Ship-launched Dhanush Missile was successfully test fired from the Indian Naval Ship “INS SUVARNA” off the coast of Orissa at 10.03 this morning.  Dhanush is a ship- launched Missile against surface and sea targets.  All the Radars and Electro optical systems located along the coast have tracked the vehicle and monitored all the parameters.  A ship located near the impact point has witnessed the final event.  The flight test was perfect like a text book trajectory with the missile reaching the target point with a very high accuracy of less than few meters. 
The surface to surface Prithvi (P-II) Missile was successfully flight tested at 11 A.M from LC-III, ITR, Chandipur within one hour of Dhanush Missile test.  The trajectory of the Missile was also monitored by all the Telemetry, Radars and Electro Optical Systems all through the flight.  Prithvi(P-II) reached the designated target with accuracy of a  few meters, which can be achieved by very few missiles in the World.  The down range ship at the impact location witnessed the  final event. 
Both Dhanush and Prithvi Missiles were launched by the Strategic Force Command as part of the regular user training exercise.  The Missiles were taken from the Depot and launched from both the locations within one hour duration by two independent teams. 
The two Missiles were test fired within five days of the successful demonstration of Ballistic Air Defence Missile System on 6th March 2011, by DRDO.  The series of successful launches boosted the morale of the Scientists and Armed Forces.  The Missiles have been integrated with a very high level of quality under the supervision of Missile Systems Quality Assurance Agency MSQAA.
DRDO Chief Dr V.K. Saraswat witnessed both the launches from ITR, Balasore. (DRDO Press Release)

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