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Sunday, July 10, 2011

HAL's chopper programmes on right track: P.S. Rajan

P. Soundara Rajan
A day after Tarmak007 posted  LCH's TD-2 Silent Maiden Flight (see the post below), HAL's chopper complex head P.S. Rajan said that 'picking up momentum' is the key to projects like LCH and ALH. 
Rajan told Tarmak007 on July 10 that HAL's chopper projects are all moving in the right direction now. "I am not doing anything great, but sticking to the basics and facilitating the needs of various teams with me (at Helicopter Complex)," Rajan said.
A blue-eyed-boy of former HAL chief A.K. Baweja and the right hand man of the current head A. Nayak, the chopper complex chief said he would take one step at a time. "I don't want to give any unrealistic figures and time-lines. I strongly believe that the IOC for LCH would only happen around February 2013. The TD-3 will also take time as it would  be a production variant and we are keen to hand over the best machine to IAF," Rajan said in his inimitable style, to queries.
So far, so good! Only time will tell whether Rajan's hands-on approach in tackling issues would fetch rich dividends to HAL's ill-fated Helicopter Complex. If insiders were to be believed, he has already made a slight difference to the work culture and 'things are moving.'
If it's true, then it's a good sign for ALH future variants, LCH, LUH and other rotary platforms set to fly out of HAL hangars.

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