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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prahaar is a gift from DRDO’s 3rd generation scientists: Saraswat

DRDO chief Saraswat had a crucial review meeting (in South India) over a sensitive project on Monday. His team members were ready with a PPT containing the project update. To their surprise, he cancelled the meeting at the last moment and headed straight away to Balasore. The reason: “It was important for me to be with my team,” he said.
Shortly after Thursday’s maiden launch of Prahaar, an elated Saraswat spoke to Tarmak007. “Prahaar is state-of-the-art in terms of missile technology. It has a great potential to be used by the Indian Army as a battlefield support tactical missile. It can engage different targets at a time,” Sarsawat said.
When asked about DRDO’s decision to go-ahead with the Prahaar project without government sanction, Saraswat said: “It is our own technology development project and we did it in record time. The Army is extremely happy with today’s result. We are confident that the sanctions will follow soon. This is the DRDO I have been wanting for a long time. Your performance must speak always,” Saraswat said.
“It was such a delight watching this launch. It was really great and I am not exaggerating. We will have some more tests coming up, considering this was a maiden demonstration for the user,” the DRDO chief said.
The DRDO chief, who always prefers to reach the launch site in Balasore on a speed-boat, leaving the comforts of a VIP vessel, said that the whole missile was developed by scientists, below 35 years of age. “Be it the controls, navigation, propulsion, guidance, system engineering or structures – it is DRDO’s 3rd generation scientists who developed Prahaar. I am delighted to say that it is their gift to India,” Saraswat said. 

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