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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Breaking on Tarmak007: SFC test-fires Agni-1 successfully

The Strategic Forces Command (SFC) personnel from the Indian Army on Thursday successfully conducted a user trial of the short range ballistic missile Agni I (700 km range, file photo above) – capable of carrying both conventional\nuclear warheads.  The test of the 'already-inducted missile' was carried out at 9:30 am, from Wheeler Island, off the coast of Bay of Bengal. The missile is from a batch of improved Agnis with better re-entry technology, manoeuvrability and kill-effects.  The SFC officials randomly picked the missile for today’s test from its limited stock block. It followed the trajectory in a copy book style and reached the designated target in Bay of Bengal within 600 seconds.
Radars, telemetry and electro-optical systems along the coast tracked and monitored all the health parameters.  Ships located near the target area witnessed the terminal event.  The launch of the A1 missile was carried out by the Strategic Force Command (SFC) as part of the user exercise.The launch operations were overseen by senior Army and DRDO officials. "It was an excellent flight during the full duration," DRDO chief Dr Saraswat told Tarmak007.
The SFC had test-fired Agni-1 last year too (November 25, 2010) as part of the user trials.

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