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Monday, January 30, 2012

Nair-row: PMO in a bind over post-ban episodes | Bright chances for lifting of ban | Radhakrishnan continues maun vrat

By Anantha Krishnan M
Express News Service
Bangalore: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) controversy over banning its former chief G Madavahan Nair & Co and the subsequent univocal outrage by the scientific community across India, have put the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in spot of bother.  Sources tell Express that there are divided opinions in the PMO over the way the ban order was executed with the post-ban episodes creating major embarrassments.
Sources tell Express that Minister of State in PMO V Narayaswamy’s comments on ‘teaching scientists a lesson’ have boomeranged on the government. “There are concerns and I can’t go into specific details now. The ban matter will come up for a detailed discussion this week,” a top source said. When asked whether the ‘detailed discussion’ will result in a possible recall of the ban order, the official said: “That’s only a possibility.” Sources said that the massive support to Madhavan Nair from of senior scientists has put the PMO on a back-foot.
Sources say that there’s a strong anti-Madhavan Nair lobby working overtime in PMO, especially targeting all those who were backed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s one-time powerful Principal Secretary T K A Nair (now eased out to an advisor role). Sources say that in the process of making a ‘vibrant PMO’ and to give it an ‘assertive image,’ there is a working script now in play, 24x7. “There are some more changes likely to happen at the PMO in the coming days. I can’t comment on whether the Madhavan Nair episode has any links to the new-found philosophy of PMO,” sources said.
Back in Bangalore, ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan continued his ‘maun vrat’ and this might be on for some more days. “He has been asked to do so after seeing the response to Narayanaswamy’s remarks. Right now, the PMO is keen to find a solution,” sources said. But, an insider at ISRO headquarters said that Radhakrishnan might issue a statement sooner or later, a fact which wasn’t confirmed by his media managers.
Madhavan Nair chose to stay away from the war for words on Sunday, but a close aide of his said that the blueprint for a counter-strategy is in place. “The letter issued and its format, are all in clear deviation from normal government norms. We have enough evidence that it was typed by Radhakrishnan himself at his residence and then made to sign by his junior colleague. He (Madhavan Nair) is not a college student to issue a two-page ban order. Everything will be exposed soon,” sources said.
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