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Friday, March 9, 2012

Breaking on Tarmak007: Tejas LSP-7 flight successful

Tejas LSP-7 successfully completed  its first flight in Bangalore on Friday. The flight was piloted by Group Captain Venugopal of NFTC and lasted for 25 minutes. Sources say all mission parameters were met. Stand by for an update with photos.

Update (Guys no time to edit. Press Release as it is below.)

Tejas Limited Series Production - 7 took off for its maiden flight from HAL airport at 4:27 pm on 9th March 2012. This test flight is significant for the programme, as LSP -7 build standard is close to the initial operational clearance (IOC) standard. Accordingly LSP -7 aircraft, along with LSP - 8 will be offered to the Indian Air Force for user evaluation trials (UET). The flight was also significant considering the fact that for the first time Production Test Schedule was used for the first flight of a LSP aircraft in this programme. This is also the first time maiden flight of a prototype was not accompanied by the customary ‘chase’ aircraft, which is an indicator to the level of confidence in the machine. 
The flight lasted 28 minutes with Gp Capt KK Venugopal at the controls in the cockpit and Wg Cdr Kabadwal of the National Flight Test Centre (NFTC) as Test Director in the telemetry.  During the test flight, performance of the aircraft systems including Multi-mode Radar (MMR), Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS), Auto-pilot and Instrument Landing System (ILS) was satisfactory, providing a moment of pride for all the stake holders which include ADA, HAL, IAF, CEMILAC, DG AQA, ADE and NAL among others.

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