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Friday, April 20, 2012

Agni-V success will boost DRDO's brand identity: Saraswat

By Anantha Krishnan M
Express News Service
Bangalore: V K Saraswat is a man who minces no words. He means business, talks sense and calls a spade, a spade. Moments after Agni-5 hit the designated target on Thursday morning, the energetic DRDO chief rang up his mentor and former President A P J Abdul Kalam.
“It was my first call. It was important for me to get my guru's blessings. Kalam showed us the path and we followed it. I am happy, satisfied and excited. Excited seeing the realisation of some of the critical technologies and satisfied seeing one of my long-cherished dream come true,” Saraswat told Express.
Saying that DRDO was at the receiving end over the years from many quarters, Saraswat felt that a majority of criticisms were biased. “No other organization in the world makes so many different kinds of missiles as we (DRDO) do. Nowhere in the world one single agency handles so many programmes, be it the Russians or Americans. DRDO developed so many missiles and still we receive flak from many. What ever be the criticisms, they were all uncalled for, biased and one-sided,” Saraswat felt.
He said DRDO developed Rs 1,48,000 crore worth of products and delivered all of them to armed forces in the last five years. “Are we a nation which can't take pride in our own achievements? Every time when we were denied a technology, we took the hit and developed it, come what may. Creating technology is different from taking about it. It takes time, but it saves millions and millions for the nation. To me, it doesn't deserve so much criticism,” Saraswat said.
When asked how he guarded his troops from, as what he calls as baseless attacks, the DRDO chief said: “Our products will speak. I have a great team who are passionate and focused. I have given the freedom to my team to take decisions and Agni-V is a class act done by them. This missile will boost our brand identity,” Saraswat said.
He expressed confidence that within two more launches, Agni-V would be ready for induction. “I expect it within two years. We have listed a very clear blueprint for this missile and I hope to have Agni-V with the user within the next couple of trials,” Saraswat said.
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