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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tech growth gave India strategic edge: Saraswat

National Technology Day Lecture 

                                                       By M.A. Athul  
Dr V K Saraswat
Growth in technological capability in the areas of defence, atomic energy and space in the last decade has given strategic edge and an image boost to the country, said Dr V K Saraswat, DRDO chief recently. He was speaking at a function organized by DRDO on National Technology Day in  Delhi. Recollecting the contributions of scientists like Dr Homi Bhabha, Dr Satish Dhawan, Dr Vikram Sarabhai and Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, he said that the events like nuclear testing in 1974, 1998, launch of first satellite, rollout of MBT Arjun tanks and the flight of LCA have had a huge impact on the technology  map of the country .
Saraswat also said that earlier technology was driving the way wars were being fought but in future security needs of the country will drive the technology, giving examples of cyber warfare. He also reminded about the need to develop non lethal weapons technology, for fighting insurgents, who are own country men and women. He also stressed on the importance of surveillance systems like mini, micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), intelligent systems like swarms of robots, etc for better intelligence gathering. He emphasized on the importance of developing eco-friendly and sustainable technologies and said that self-reliance meant independence from controls.
Earlier, the DRDO scientists gave presentations on specific topics. Dr Dubey gave an insight into the Identification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and their Markers, Dr S Sai Kumar Development of Machining Technologies for Composites and Ceramics and Ms V Sangamithra on challenges in developing the Weapon Locating Radar (WLR), a force multiplier in the battlefield.
National Technology Day signifies the achievements of Indian science and technology and has been celebrated after the successful Pokhran II, nuclear tests on May 11 & 13, 1998.  (Edited from a DRDO release.)

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