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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Battle of Belgaum: Upset Army readies for a legal fight with Karnataka govt

                                             By Anantha Krishnan M
                                              Express News Service
Bangalore: Hit by the Karnataka government's decision to withdraw the land used by the Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre (MLIRC) as a firing range in Belgaum, the Indian Army is keeping the gun powder dry to take the battle to the court. Army sources told Express on Tuesday that the government's decision to withdraw the land that houses the Bagdad Asmara Field Firing Range was 'unilateral' and not in the 'interest of the nation.'
The government last month had issued an order withdrawing a 12-year-old communication (May 24, 2000) permitting the Army to use the land for artillery and field firing purposes (7469 acres). “We had the permission till 2020 and we are surprised by the speed at which the government acted on the matter. We are not running away and will take the battle to the court,” sources said.
The Army now says that the training sessions for its men posted to MLIRC and the commandos attached to Junior Leaders Wing (JLW), will go for a toss. “Our firing ranges have come down drastically all over India and we can't let the training sessions suffer. Belgaum unit and the JLW are on the international map, with foreign troops regularly coming to undertake joint training sessions with the Indian Army. The MoD could have acted faster and grasped the seriousness of the issue,” sources said.
The Land, Works and Environment wing at the Army HQ in Delhi will prepare a plan to counter the state government's decision, say sources. Army is of the opinion that state government came under pressure from Belgaum MP Suresh Angadi, who has wanting the firing range to be shifted out.
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