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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stunt Time: Flying Bulls warm up to join sky party

The Flying Bulls team with IAF's SKAT during 2011 Aero India.
 By Anantha Krishnan M

Express News Service
Bangalore: Flying Bulls, one of the world's leading aerobatic display team from the Czech Republic, will be performing their daredevilry during the Aero India-2013 show at Yelahakna Air Force Base. Confirming this to Express, Flying Bulls formation leader Radka Machova, said that her team would touchdown in Bangalore on February 2 from Frankfurt, to script yet another enthralling sky party. The Bulls, had their debut performance at the show in 2011, when the Indian Air Force's Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team (SKAT), had their parting performance. The four-member team performs their stunt duties on Zlin 50LX, a single-engine, single-seater aircraft.
“Aerobatics formation flying is very difficult and demanding type of flying. Each aerobatics pilot has to be experienced with very good health and physical condition and very good nervous system. Ours is very close formation flying, with very little distances between airplanes,” says Radka, the lone woman pilot, in the Flying Bulls team.
This time, on position No 1 will be lead flyer Radka herself; on right wing (No 2) Miroslav Krejci; left wing (No 3) Jiri Saller and filling in the No 4 slot will be Jiri Veprek.
When asked what made the Flying Bulls different from other aerobatic teams in the world, Radka said the display sequence with more than 25 manoeuvres gave them an edge over others. “We have mastered very difficult manoeuvres, that too with negative G-force during head-down sorties. We perform the negative loop on the close diamond position of aircraft and not to forget our mirror flight, with two airplanes flying canopy-to-canopy performing the loop and the 3/4th (3 by 4th) roll among others,” Radka said.
Throwing some insights into the dangers of aerobatic display, she said precision training, an experienced instructor and the right airplane are essential ingredients to light up the sky. “Formation aerobatic flying can be performed by only very experienced pilot with very high moral qualities,” she adds.
The Flying Bulls rate India's SKAT very high and during the 2011 show both teams, in addition to sharing lessons from the skies, have developed a deep bonding and appreciation for their stunning skills. “I have very nice memories of IAF's Surya Kiran team. They are very friendly, experienced and posses rare techniques. I hope the team return soon with modern aeroplanes,” Radka said.
So, what's up on the Flying Bulls' menu this time, apart from thrillers? “Nothing much. Just Bangalore's biriyani,” Radka added.
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