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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tarmak Tributes: An inspiring foot soldier from MoD’s flash force

Basani Satheesh Kumar
In many ways Basani Satheesh Kumar (BSK) is an unsung hero. A Senior Photo Officer (SPO) with Ministry of Defence (Chennai), I met BSK for the first time during a media tour to Andaman in 2010. Later at Aero India-2011, I saw him work. Silently sweating it out in the sun. Capturing one frame after another. Shooting at will. With thrill. And always waiting for that one frame, which would have gifted him inner peace. Satisfaction. And, photographers need that, you know! 
An absolutely silent soul, BSK’s photos along with the rest of DRP crew, became the only fodder for greedy bloggers like me, who generally gets hyper-active during plane carnivals. A B.Sc and BFA graduate, BSK started his career with Eenadu TV in Hyderabad as a cameraman in 1995, and within 4 years he landed a job with MoD. Air shows, defence expos, military exercises, fleet reviews and many more kept this talented shutter-bug on his toes. With another Aero India around the corner, Tarmak007 would like to salute this inspiring foot soldier, who is part of MoD’s flash force, now. Above are some photos from Tarmak007 archives, all captured by SBK during the last air show. If you copy them, please do BSK the credit. All the best BSK! 

(Tarmak Tributes will appear now and then on the blog, capturing short and sweet stories of unsung heroes from the world of Indian aerospace and defence. If you know anyone, whom you feel can be featured in this segment, please email the details to: ak.tarmak007@gmail.com. Only truly deserving candidates, please.)

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