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Monday, February 11, 2013

Adding charm & colour when Sarangs soar | I am inspired by gutsy IAF pilots: Bhavana

Wg Cdr Bhavana Mehra, Sarang Helicopter Display Team. Photo: IAF

By Anantha Krishnan M
Express News Service

Bangalore: Wg Cdr Bhavana’s Mehra’s always spots a smile which might be worth a billion dollar. She is the only woman commentator with the Sarang Helicopter Display Team of the Indian Air Force (IAF). Earlier, she was with the Surayakirans and also was the deputy leader of first mixed expedition to the Mount Everest in 2011. Her interests and achievements might run into pages and today she acts as a bridge between the Sarang team and the crowd who watches their thrilling display.
“My commentaries are mixed with little humour and some unknown facts about the pilots. Our main job is to inspire youngsters so that they become air warriors,” says Bhavana. Today, she does multi-tasking duties taking care of Sarang’s publicity, team administration and the commentary. Interestingly, Bhavana holds the Limca Book of Record for being the only India non-pilot to be have flown 144 hours during her stint with the Suryakirans.
“Writing poetry is my favourite pastime. I have done sky-diving and I am a classical Kathak dancer too. I have also learnt English ballroom dance. But, what really fascinates me are the mountains,” says Bhavana, when asked about her interests. “The mountains keep calling me. I am also inspired by the gutsy IAF pilots,” she adds.
Hailing from Amritsar, Bhavana says she was always attracted towards fighter planes when she was a kid. “I have been so impressed with the local flying activities of the fighters, while I was living at Naya Nangal, a small town in Ropar of Punjab. I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but ended up as a administration officer in the IAF. But, no regrets I am a proud air warrior,” Bhavana said.
She says Bangalore is an enchanting in many ways. “The pubs, the bowling allies and many more make the whole place so vibrant,” she said. With over 17 years in the IAF, Bhavana feels a commentator’s job becomes complete when she is able to connect with the masses. “I am just adding my bit to make the show colourful. My pilots are the heroes and I salute them,” she adds.
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