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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maratha Troops have a ball during Holi celebrations

Photos: Shakeel Ahmed in special arrangement with MLIRC
By Anantha Krishnan M
Express News Service
Belgaum: The troops of Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre (MLIRC) celebrated Holi at the camp on Wednesday, exhibiting bonding and camaraderie in abundance. The PT Ground inside the Centre was packed with Army men of all ranks and file, right from morning itself.
Owing to drought and water shortages prevailing in the region, the troops celebrated a dry Holi this time. Everyone present in the ground was seen dancing with colours splashed all over. The recruits also used the opportunity to show their affection to their instructors by throwing them up in the air.
“Festivals like Holi and Eid have a very significant place in the hearts of the Maratha Regiment. It is an ideal opportunity for everyone to bond with their buddies and seniors alike. This is what makes Army special and we look forward to these festivals every year. It is also time for our families to joy the fun,” says Col Tushar S Bhakay, Deputy Commandant, MLIRC.
Preparations for celebrations began the previous evening itself, when the troops assembled at the Military Mahadev Mandir, near the camp. The Holi pyre was lit after performing the rituals as per the Maratha traditions. It was a rare sight to watch with the Army men of all faiths chanting the mantras while the pyre was lit.
“Every Army unit has their own traditional festivities and we give absolute importance to them. Participation in these celebrations is part of our duty and we take lot of pride in it. The soldiers are very religious and they never miss an opportunity to visit their religious places of interest. We also ensure that the religious sentiments of our troops are kept intact,” says Lt Col Nawal Joshi, General Staff Officer-1, MLIRC.
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