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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Meanwhile, Tarmak007 turns 3 today!

Three years of Tarmak007! Well, some journey that. The above graphic was sent to me by one of the blog followers -- Manju. It was on this day onwards, in 2010, the blog became active. I am an inspired writer these days with the Google stats confirming the blog's growth over the years. As this post goes live, I am happy to share that Tarmak007 now holds the top slot among Indian defence blogs. You may Google just to know more, just in case...!
You made this possible -- the blog's followers and visitors. It has been a huge learning experience for me onboard Tarmak007. So many new friends, so many inspiring moments. Just about to cross 25 lakh footprints. The blog's recently-launched FB page is also on a steady flightpath, with over 5,000-plus 'Likes' in 80 days.
A friend with the elite SF, now posted in a forward area, wrote to me recently saying that 'Tarmak007 has become a way of life for him.' Very touching comments. 
So, as my return gift to all of you, I want to share a very thought-provoking quote from Maj Gen Chandra Shekhar, Commander, Junior Leaders Wing (JLW), Indian Army, Belgaum. "We always remind the commandos that tough times don't last, but tough people do.”
Thank You all for the support. You are Tarmak007!
Warm Regards


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