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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Adrift -- Grab Sudarshan's masterpiece, hitting the stands in June

V. Sudarshan
Classification: Travel & Adventure
Pub Date: Mar 15, 2013
Imprint: Hachette India
Page Extent: 256
Binding: PB
ISBN: 9789350096291
Price: 395
About the book

A riveting, true story of a group lost at sea off the Andaman and Nicobar Islands... 
When Commander Baath takes his French guests, with his crew of four, on a dive trip off Sir Hugh Rose Island, 20 nautical miles from Port Blair, it turns out to be the wrong day for a sea journey. The calm sea, an endless liquid mirror before they dived, turns rough when they surface in an hour, as a violent storm looms over them. What was supposed to be a day trip turns into an endless drifting in the Andaman Sea thick with pirates, without a sense of direction or sight of land. Adrift follows their terrifying adventure, as they battle hunger and thirst, and most of all their sanity, as they encounter the primal face of nature. Based on a real incident, Adrift is a gripping tale of survival, perseverance and fortitude.'

('Adrift' will hit the stands this June)

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