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Sunday, October 6, 2013

IAF to put airmen through new training pattern in January

By Anantha Krishnan M
Express News Service 
Bangalore: The Indian Air Force (IAF) is all set to put its airmen through a revised training pattern, signaling the beginning of its modernisation programme. Accordingly, the Air Force Station (AFS), Jalahalli, is preparing to put the recruits through the paces of a new training schedule, with the aim of creating airmen of high calibre.
Speaking on the sidelines of a passing out parade held at AFS Jalahalli recently, Air Cmdre K L Yadav said that the IAF has revamped the syllabus for airmen, injecting some new training philosophies. He said, to be in tune with the changing times, airmen are already been trained in multiple disciplines.
“Our flying squadrons operate at various terrains and the job is very demanding. Mental preparedness is the key and we have looked at all angles to give the best training to the airmen community, while upgrading the syllabus,” Yadav said.
Starting January 2014, the airmen will first be given six months of integral training at Belgaum followed by a 64-week training (four terms of 16 weeks) in Bangalore. The electrical and electronics streams will get trained in Bangalore, while the mechanical stream will head to Tambaram.
“In Belgaum, the recruits pick up lessons in militariness, discipline and comradeship as part of JBPT (Junior Basic Phase of Training), while in Bangalore, it is type training, learning the basics of aviation, handling specialised tools, system integration, familiarisation of radars, and the like,” the AFS, Jalahalli chief, explained.
He said with the IAF adding many new assets for strengthening its squadrons, the AFS Jalahalli has initiated many measures to make airmen more familiar with the new technologies.
“The new training policy has encompassed all aspects of changes that technology has undergone in the last decade. The integrated pattern of training would result in passing out of air warriors, fully prepared to discharge their duties in the field units, thereby eliminating the need to revisit training institutes,” added Yadav, who was instrumental in formulating the blueprint of the new training policy for airmen of technical trades.
When asked about the social media habits of the new recruits, Yadav said that the IAF was creating awareness across the board.
“There’s definitely a vulnerable angle to the social media, if not used with care. We make the recruits aware of how threats can come via these mediums. We can deal with technology, but dealing with human beings is a different game all together,” Yadav said. 
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