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Saturday, March 12, 2016

HAL begins integration of mid-air-refueling probe on Tejas

Bengaluru, March 12: Engineers and technicians at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd’s (HAL) LCA-Tejas Division have begun the extremely complex integration of the aerial refueling probe on to the Tejas fighter.
During a visit to the HAL facilities, Mathrubhumi witnessed the fitment tests on the Limited Series Production-8 (LSP-8) variant of Tejas. The air-to-air probe, supplied by UK-based Cobham, is being fixed in front of the canopy and on the right side of the aircraft.
Similar to Mirage, Tejas too will have a fixed aerial refueling probe.
“The modification of LSP-8 is under progress. The structural modification for the attachment and load is under way. We also have to undertake fuel system and software modifications,” says V Sridharan, General Manager, LCA.
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