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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Top Gun Sukhoi pilot in an inspiring role as ASTE Commandant

Bengaluru, Oct 5: “My interview doesn’t matter much, as long as you write about my unit, so that many youngsters in this country will get inspired reading it,” Air Vice-Marshal Sandeep Singh, Commandant of Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE), was razor-sharp with his remarks.
Wading through a ‘semi-surgical strike’ by the media, which lasted for nearly four hours, AVM Sandeep came across as one of the most information-friendly Commandants ASTE had for a long time.
His answers were to the point. He spoke about many things, yet he knew that he is dealing with a group of info-extracting specialists. He wanted us to occasionally blind our cameras and also probably look at some areas without ‘seeing it.’ And, everyone obliged.
Hailing from Delhi, AVM Sandeep has been serving the IAF since 1983 and today he is the leading pilot who knows the frontline Sukhois like the back of his hand.
Amidst constant queries, animated discussions, hush-hush-attempts for an exclusive byte and some unsuccessful mobile-phone-number-request attempts, glimpses of AVM Sandeep’s leadership qualities were seen on many occasions. 
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