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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

IAM human engineers make cockpits safer & pilots smarter

By https://twitter.com/writetake

India's desi military plane projects from the 'Light Series' – the Light Combat Aircraft, Advanced Light Helicopter, Light Combat Helicopter, Light Utility Helicopter and the Intermediate Jet Trainer – seem to have all benefited extensively from the Human Engineering Department , a specialised wing of Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM).
During a facility visit to the IAM, one of the key centres of Indian Air Force (IAF) located in Bengaluru, this Correspondent witnessed some of the advancements in human engineering, with all the focus falling on the human being in the working system.
And, when the country finally decides to take the plunge to undertake manned space missions, again IAM is all geared up to play a role in shaping the future.
IAM Commandant Air Commodore Deepak Gaur swears by their primary mission of ensuring safety and efficiency in aerospace environment. He says human performance optimisation can never be complete without knowing the human being in the system.
"The psychological aspects that determine how a person reacts to situations, the physiological needs of nutrition and sleep, the physical requirements of strength and dexterity, and cognitive capabilities to deal with present day military aerospace environment are the subjects of research in human engineering," says Air Commodore Deepak.
Full report, here: http://bit.ly/1XDAvzB

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