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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

LCA's good safety record can be a case in study: David Lindley

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Bengaluru, Dec 02: "India has young and inspiring aerospace talent. We are on a mission to help them connect together and provide wider exposure," says David M Lindley, Chairman, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and leading aerospace safety expert, in an interview to OneIndia on Tuesday.
In Bengaluru for the IET Lord Austin Lecture 2015 on December 3, David, a veteran aerospace and defence expert from the United Kingdom, said that he would soon be approaching Indian schools and universities to spread his mission. He is scheduled to speak on: New manufacturing trends in aerospace.
David was part of many high-profile military programme, including the Tornado mid-life upgrade, Joint Strike Fighter from concept to first flight, Chinook and Black Hawk helicopter in service sustainment, rivet joint conversation from KC135 tanker to surveillance platform, Wedgetail - civilian airframe conversion for military use and C130 special forces role conversion, to name a few.
He says India's Light Combat Aircraft programme can be a case in study. "With no major incidents during its development stage means the platform has great safety standards," he says.
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