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About Tarmak007

Tarmak007, an Indian blog, is my attempt to keep afloat on the web by capturing authentic information on Indian aerospace and defence programs. The first piece on Tarmak007 went live on 12 November 2009, but the site became active only from 06 April 2010.
You are free to share and copy any content from this blog without the prior permission of the blogger, but do not forget to give back-links and credits to Tarmak007. You must also apply caution while attempting to save photos and copy information with clear copyright tags.
Newspapers and magazines, wanting to carry  photographs, graphics or inputs from the blog, must ensure to give credits to Tarmak007. If you find any mistakes that might have crept in inadvertently, do alert me so that I could fix the same.  
Initially, every visitor on the blog could leave a comment on various posts. Soon, I found the exercise (comment moderation) time-consuming in addition, most comment(s) did not result in a healthy debate. Hence, it was deactivated, leaving the visitors and members with the option of posting their comment(s) vial email to: anantha.ak@gmail.com or ak.tarmak007@gmail.com.  If you wish to have a hi-res photograph from the blog without the watermark, you can email me your complete contact details and the purpose. 
Enjoy reading Tarmak007 and thank you for patronizing the blog. Blue skies and happy landings!

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