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Words Worth

Here’s what aerospace and defence dons had to say about Tarmak007. Sadly, this page contains only good words!

Initially when I saw some of the clippings from Tarmak007, I thought it was a defence magazine. Then when one of my lab directors showed me the series on Tejas and Agni, I got to know more about the man and his mission. Really  impressive. Honest and straight-forward writing. Dr V.K. Saraswat, DRDO Chief and Scientific Advisor to Defence Minister.

The popularity of Tarmak007 is something that can’t be explained. I keep hearing many of my team members saying: “It has already come on Tarmak007." It’s a refreshing feeling reading this blog. Team Tejas' connect with the author goes beyond the blog.    – P.S. Subramaniam, Programme Director (Combat Aircraft) and ADA Director. 

I have been a follower of Tarmak007, right from its inception. Any news on defence and aviation, I get to hear first from this blog and that too unbiased!! It is always refreshing to see this blog. Keep up the good work. We look forward to such 'reporting'. Hatsoff to your boldness!  Wg Cdr (Retd.) C.D. Upadhyay, CEO, HATSOFF & Former Chief Test Pilot, HAL.

A really exciting space on the web. Tarmak007 truly captures the emotions of the defence community and also the efforts which have gone beyond various projects. One could see lots of passion behind everything that's been reported  here,  probably making it different from the rest. To me, it is a blog with a heart. P.S. Krishnan, Director, Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE).

In today's world where ‘sensationalism’ is media's main emphasis -- Tarmak007 is a blog with a difference. The articles are honest, technically well researched and more important, presents both sides of the coin. Keep up the good work and me and my colleagues are looking forward to many more interesting articles/snippets on Indian aviation from Tarmak007.  Shyam Chetty, Chairman, Systems Engineering Cluster, National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).

Having been associated with the author since 2001 during the Tejas' days. I  find Tarmak007 an informative blog which not only keeps me updated on the aviation and defence news, but more importantly  highlights issues and personalities. The Justice for Jetly campaign will be remembered for a long time. Tarmak007 is different in many ways as it brings back events we all tend to forget. Keep up the good work!!! -- Wg Cdr (Retd) Rajiv Kothiyal, first IAF pilot to fly the Tejas

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For regular updates, visit: https://www.facebook.com/Tarmak007