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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#PlaneCarnival: Phil Camp -- Capturing the best of IAF with pure devotion

By Dr Anantha Krishnan M
Photos: A Veeramani
Phil Camp first shot the photo of a flying machine when he was 16 years old. It was at the Oxford Airport, in 1973.

“Well, it as a Bollow 105 helicopter,” recalls Phil, one of the world’s leading aviation photo-journalists, when OneIndia caought up with him for an interaction at Aero India 2015. “I used my brother’s Russian-made Zenith camera,” he adds. 

At 57 years now, Phil seems to have lost some hair, but not his passion to chase planes, especially being operated by the Indian Air Force (IAF). Hailing from Southend-on-Sea, on the banks of river Thames, Phil dreamt of becoming an Air Traffic Controller one day.
“That was my dream right from when I was a kid of 10 years. But as I grew up, I realised I am colour blind and could not become a pilot, ATC or any other jobs related to flying. So the best way was to admire aviation was through photography as a hobby,” says Phil, who has over 25,000 slides on aircraft.
For the last 37 years, as the Director of Aero Rep Limited, he looks after spare parts distribution of four US-based companies in the UK and Europe.
This report appeared on OneIndia on 22 Feb 2015. Full report here: http://bit.ly/1vpfikA

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