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Billion Beats

Billion Beats is an e-paper launched by the blogger for former President of India and inspiration machine Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. An idea that came out following a meeting with Dr Kalam in New Delhi in October 2007, became a reality on November 14, 2007 (Children’s Day). On this day, the first issue was launched from Karimnagar (Andhra Pradesh), in the presence of over one lakh students. The first nine issues of this e-paper was edited and designed from Bangalore and later the PDFs were uploaded on to www.abdulkalam.com. The blogger was fortunate enough to interact with hundreds of students across the globe as the National Affairs Editor of Billion Beats during this period. Between 2008-2011 October, the paper was brought out by a team in Dr Kalam’s office in Delhi.
In October 2011, Dr Kalam decided to re-launch Billion Beats and the blogger was appointed as its Hon. Editor. The new-look editorial team will be formed in Bangalore and the re-launch should be soon. In July 2012, Billion Beats was relaunched on Facebook. 
The blogger along with Dr Kalam give  the finishing touches to Billion Beats at the Satyam Guest House in Hyderabad (around 2 am) on November 14, 2007. (Below) Dr Kalam at the launch of his dream e-paper in Karimnagar.

Following the demise of Guru Kalam on July 27, 2015, House of Kalam decided to relaunch Billion Beats. Accordingly, on November 14 the same year, Billion Beats was relaunched by Guru Kalam's elder brother Janab Haji Md Muthu Meera Maraikayar from Rameswaram. Almost two year later on June 30, 2017, Billion Beats got onto the web space with a dedicated website www.billionbeats.in. The same year in August, it became a trademarked and registered brand name and logo.
Today, a young and vibrant team handles the site operating from different parts of the country. The core team is based out of Bangalore.

For regular updates, visit: https://www.facebook.com/Tarmak007