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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When Sachin met my mother!

Sachin Tendulkar being blessed by Smt Saraswathi Ammal (87),
a huge fan of the legend, in Chennai.
Photo Courtesy: The Hindu

The newspaper boy from the rosters of Karnataka News Agency in Thippasandara, a bustling street in Bangalore, was once again sharp with his throw, targeting my first-floor rented accommodation. Making a smooth landing on to our sit-out were two early morning beauties – brimming with news & views – The Times of India and The Hindu – rolled together in a cosy-format.
What struck me today was a screaming headline in The Hindu -- Sachin meets Saraswathi. According to the report, Saraswathi Vaidyanathan (87), a hardcore devotee of the batting mastero, finally got an opportunity to meet her idol. She apparently had followed all His innings and remembers all records, evening while inching towards the nervous Nineties. Sachin was the perfect medicine for all her aging worries and she looked up to His bravo-batting, when ever the chips were down. (It was The Hindu, which carried the story of Saraswathi-amma in the Metro Plus section in the March 31st supplement. http://beta.thehindu.com/life-and-style/metroplus/article342944.ece.)
She gifted Sachin an idol of Lord Ganesha and wished him all success so as to complete a Century of 100s. The mastero, in return, autographed a miniature bat, touched her feet and took blessings. “You are short in stature, but very big in deeds,” she had said.
This report would have given goosebumps to millions of readers of The Hindu. It would have triggered an early-morning debate at some of the idli-vada joints and breakfast tables. It would have also reminded someone like me -- who lost his mother -- that if only she was alive, may be Her wish could have been fulfilled!
Like Saraswathi-amma, my mother too was a die-hard fan of the Little Master. I remember her crying once when Sachin was hit by an Akthar bouncer. No mother would have cursed Akthar like the way she did that day, not because she hated Rawalpindi Express, but her love for Sachin knew no boundaries.
I always came 2nd down in her batting line-up, while Sachin and Rahul occupied the opening slot in her heart. During match days, or while Sachin was on a song, the rules at our home changed drastically and we had to manage with the ‘available’ stuff for the meal, as we often experienced 'zero-activity' in the kitchen area. Many times she had expressed her willingness to meet Sachin, if possible, during her trips to Bangalore.
Today after three Summers losing her, I was reminded of my mother’s love for Sachin & Co while reading the moving story of Saraswathi-amma in The Hindu. Saraswathi-amma was very lucky in many ways in meeting the God of Willow. Like my mother, there could be millions of mothers wanting to meet Sachin, just for a second. Just to be with Him. May be a photo together. An autograph. A touch. After-all, He is their Son.
And, for the record, if Sachin had met my mother, may be The Hindu headline would have been: Sachin meets Shantha! May be, I can take consolation from the Sachin-Saraswathi-amma Summit in Chennai, thinking that Saraswathi-amma was my Mother... and, I fulfilled Her wish!
Sorry Amma! Only if…
Thank You, The Hindu!

For Sachin’s date with Saraswathi, check the link below: http://www.hindu.com/2010/04/06/stories/2010040657212000.htm)

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