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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DRDO says DFRL will not be moved out

| By Anantha Krishnan M. | AVIATION WEEK |
Bangalore India | September 28, 2010 |
India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has decided to keep the Mysore-based Defense Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) within its stable, despite speculation that it and other life sciences facilities would be moved elsewhere.
DFRL supplies ready-to-eat rations to soldiers deployed in extreme and hostile conditions like Siachen, Rajasthan and during the Antarctica expedition. All its food-processing technologies have been passed on to Indian industries under transfer of technology.
Some observers had expected the facilities to be moved out of DRDO and placed under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research as part of the recent restructuring of DRDO announced by the defense ministry (Aerospace DAILY, May 14). A faction within DRDO also felt that the labs could be moved out, primarily due to the overlap of work being done by them. But Dr. Prahlada, DRDO’s chief R&D controller for aerospace & services interaction, confirms to AVIATION WEEK that DFRL will stay with DRDO.
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