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Thursday, November 25, 2010

DRDO's 2 new EW test ranges coming up in Chitradurga (Karnataka) & Tandur (AP) at $220m

| By Anantha Krishnan M. | AVIATION WEEK |
Bangalore India | November 24, 2010 |
The Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is establishing two test ranges to test electronic warfare (EW) systems in Chitradurga (Karnataka) and Tandur (Andhra Pradesh).
DRDO Chief Controller Prahalda told Aviation Week that the facilities would act as force multipliers for India’s EW capabilities. “The ranges would augment India’s testing capabilities further. Today, we use the [Indian Air Force] range in Gwalior for carrying out some specific tests. Smart systems are crucial during future conflicts,” Prahalda said.
DRDO hopes to make both the ranges live within the 2012-14 timeframe with an investment of Rs 1,000 crore (almost $219 million) total. The ranges would be used for simulation, modeling and testing, among other uses.
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