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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tordadoes create 2 world records

(Press Release)
The Motor Cycle Display team of the Army Service Corps known as “TORNADOES” today broke 2 world records and rewrote history by being the only team in the world to achieve a distance of staggering 1100 Meters with 54 persons on a single moving 500 CC Royal Enfield Motorcycle. They also made another record by carrying 55 persons on a single moving 500 CC Enfield Motor Cycle by covering a distance of 925 Metres. They broke the record of Corps of Military Police who carried 48 persons on a single moving 500 CC Motorcycle recently in Bangalore.
The team while exhibiting extraordinary skill, courage, endurance and mental strength entered the annals of Record books by performing this breathtaking feat at the Runway of Air Force Station Yelahanka in the presence of a large no of military, civil dignitaries and media persons.
The Tornadoes was raised in 1982 after having given a stupendous display of daredevilry during the 1982 Asian Games. Since then the men of the Tornadoes Team by their sheer grit, determination and spirit of adventure have made a niche for themselves by rewriting various records. The team at one point of time had achieved the distinction of holding seven world and national records of varying degree of complexity and fortitude, unparalleled in history of sports and adventure. The ASC Tornadoes team have found their place on the Guinness book of Records and Limca book of Records on more than one occasion and have excelled in breaking their own records time and again. This trend has continued over the passage of time and the team has left no stone unturned in furthering these records ahead in their quest to persistently surpass themselves. The records by the team have found its place in Guinness book of World Records in years 1992, 1994, 1995 & 2000 for carrying 93, 111, 115 & 181 persons respectively on 11 motor cycles. In the year 2005 the team created a world record of carrying 37 persons on one motor cycle which was registered in Limca book of Records.

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