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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tejas logs 1,500th flight; gearbox gets Type Approval from CEMILAC

Gp Capt Suneet 
Tejas logged the 1,500th flight today marking a small, yet significant, milestone. Sources tell Tarmak007 that when the PV-2 [from Tejas flight-line] landed in Bangalore from Goa, it marked the 1,500th flight. Tejas first flew in 2001, January 4.
Today's flight was piloted by Gp Capt Suneet Krishna of NFTC. 
Tejas fired yet another R-73 missile (a total of 3 during this phase of sea trials) at an altitude of 15 km. “At this altitude very rarely a missile is fired and in that sense it is a great achievement. Last week alone we did 25-30 flights in Goa and Bangalore,” an engineer, attached to Mission Goa, said. Each flight is said to have lasted from 30-45 minutes. “This again demonstrates the serviceability of the aircraft,” he adds. 
The DRDO, in the meantime, said in a press release that the Tejas gearbox was finally certified. (See the release below as it is.)
Chennai-based CVRDE has indigenously designed and developed Aircraft-Mounted Accessory Gearbox (AMAGB) for Tejas application. The AMAGB is capable of transmitting 250 HP at 16,810 rpm with less than 38 kg of weight. AMAGB operates in two modes i.e., Starter mode and Accessory mode. In starter mode, it aids in starting the engine through Jet Fuel Starter (JFS).
In accessory mode, it drives accessories namely, two hydraulic pumps and an Integrated Drive Generator (IDG).This gearbox has undergone strenuous environmental and structural test. Further, this gearbox has also undergone 1000 hours of Endurance Test. Till date, AMAGB gearboxes have undergone more than 2000 hours of flight testing. As a pre-curser to induction into Indian Air force, 'Type Approval' from CEMILAC (Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification) is mandatory. CVRDE has successfully obtained this type approval for AMAGB from CEMILAC.
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