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Monday, February 28, 2011

Results for TAC-C#1 & TAC-C#2: Mumbai, Hyderabad corner glory!

TAC-C#1: Out of the total 56 contestants, the best caption was from Amit B. Kollegal from Mumbai, who wrote -- "Bending Before Bold Beauties!"
Interestingly, the blogger received a mail from Andreas Zeitler, the photographer who is seen in the photo and this is what he had to say. "I was really amused when I saw myself being the main subject of your photo contest. I am really looking forward to the winning comment you receive about this photo. Furthermore I really appreciate your comment (In the photo above, the photographer is taking all the pains to get that one frame he would want to capture. He is at work and not having fun) because coming from the cold it was indeed no fun lying on the very hot tarmac. Once the competition is finished feel free to post the link to my homepage so that everyone can see what the outcome of this pose was." You may visit Andreas at: http://www.flying-wings.com/2011/aero-india-2011.html
Congratulations Amit and your copy of A Different Spirit is already on its way.
TAC-C#2: Out of the total 116 contestants, the best caption came from Dr Mrinal from Hyderabad. He wrote -- "Bapu says: Beta, Ah...!Himsa." 
Congratulations Mrinal. Email your address to courier A Different Spirit

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