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Friday, March 11, 2011

R.I.P. Yashdeep Vishwakarma

When Tarmak007's best efforts to get a photograph (officially) of young Indian Coast Guard trainee Yashdeep Vishwakarma, who died following a cardiac arrest while participating at a cross-country race at Ezhimala Naval Academy failed, Yashdeep's brother-in-law Mr Rahul Dev Verma emailed the photo above after seeing a request on the blog. The photo has been hosted after proper verification with Mr Rahul.  R.I.P. Yash.
(Report here)
The above photos are being emailed by Yash's childhood friend Vidula Karpa, an MBA graduate from Indore. She said that Yash was very passionate about Indian Navy and Coast Guard and often wanted to be a big achiever in life.
(Report here)

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