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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Normal blogging resumes; Battle for Bangalore set to unfold!

Hello Folks!
Greetings to all. Tarmak007 is all set to go active again. This break was unavoidable and I thank all the readers for their emails and e-greetings in between. I also thank the support given by Tarmak007's first intern Abraham from Madras University for his occasional updates on the blog. He has completed his 2-month internship on July 1. 
I am making a re-entry at a time when all the focus is set to fall on HAL with the current man Nayak finally getting out on October 31 this year. A new man should be in place by November 1.
With media reports pointing that the Indian Air Force (IAF) is keen to have its own man at the helm of affairs in HAL, the coming months will see some intense lobbying from the contenders. You can bank on Tarmak007 for  all authentic inside stories set to unfold during this virtual Battle for Bangalore! "The stakes are high," says a Dilli source.

Watch this space...!



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