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Friday, September 2, 2011

Remembering late Suraj Pillai

R.I.P.: These photos of late Flying Officer Suraj Pillai was sent by his sister Sneha Pillai (Jet Airways). Suraj (Pills for his friends) died in a MiG crash at Nal airbase near Bikaner in Rajasthan on August 2.
HE'S OUR REAL HERO: Read about Suraj Pillai's crash in the Nal airbase where he made the supreme sacrifice. Just wanted to let you know that he is a hero for me and many of my friends. He inspires us to do the right thing even if the price that you have to pay is the greatest. He is a hero who will live in our hearts forever. I do not want to demean his sacrifice by paying condolences or sympathies as those belittle the heroism of a great man like Suraj. If I had a younger brother, I wish I had someone like Suraj. He was a real patriot and my country will be forever indebted to him and his great family.
Long live Suraj Pillai in our hearts! --
Prashant Das

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