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Saturday, January 7, 2012

HERE COMES THE IAC | Navy beefs up security at Wellingdon Island with IAC float-out | Round-the-clock surveillance for INS Dronacharaya soon

India’s Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC-1) at the CSL quay after its last-week float-out. This could be possible among the first pictures of IAC being shot\published ever (!). The last image is from Google Earth. The photos are taken using an amateur camera, from a distance and definitely in a not-so-friendly environment. IAC Photos: Tarmak007
By Anantha Krishnan M
Express News Service

Kochi: The Indian Navy has put the security in and around Wellingdon Island on alert with its prized, home-grown possession – the Indigenous Aircraft Carrier (IAC) -- setting out to quay at the Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL). While the officials at the Southern Naval Command (SNC) refused to divulge any details, Express has confirmed information that the areas in an around the ‘current position’ of IAC (INS Vikrant) is very closely monitored since its float-out last week. 

Though the IAC, an air defence ship, is currently under the control of CSL, the Indian Navy is taking no chances and has increased armed patrol. Teams from the Sagar Prahari Bal are also said to be monitoring all movements closely. The naval officials in Kochi adopted an extremely diplomatic stand when Express sought information on post-IOC float-out security. “The more we speak about it the more we let our plans out. With the ship at the quay, we will have our plans intact, though it is currently under the CSL custody,” an official said. Even commercial vessels that operate closer to the vicinity of CSL\IAC are being put under observation.
A senior serving naval official, who agreed to part with information initially back-tracked a day later, said that his higher-ups would get worried, if the ‘security cover’ for IAC becomes a talking point.
CSL sources said that the float-out completed the Phase-I activities of IAC with the hull construction. "We have established that the vessel can float safely. There have been delays due to various equipment developing serious snags. We have addressed them and have conducted a series of underwater trials, in addition to testing all hi-end technologies time and again. The Phase-II work has begun and it mainly consists of out-fitting jobs. The platform will be re-docked again," sources said.
The Indian Navy is also planning to upgrade the security levels at its Gunnery School (INS Dronacharaya) inside the Wellingdon Island. Tenders have been called for the supply, installation and commission of CCTV surveillance systems all along the periphery, including the seafront, of INS Dronacharaya. “We are looking for a complete package which gives us gapless, round-the-clock and all weather security coverage. The tenders are in and we will finalize after scrutinizing the technical and price formalities,” sources said.

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