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Friday, January 27, 2012

STAR WAR: Nair to focus on International Academy of Astronautics in Paris

By Anantha Krishnan M

Express News Service

Bangalore: Will India's loss pan out to be an outright international gain? A day after the Nair-row erupted following a 'secret' two-page letter issued by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) banned some of its stars, including former chairman Madhavan Nair, Express have confirmed information that the man who was 'once over the Moon' has made up his mind. He wants now to focus on the activities of International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), headquartered in Paris. “If India doesn't want me, that doesn't mean the world has rejected me,” Nair is said to have told his close aides.
He is currently the president of IAA, the first man to occupy the top-post outside the United States, in its 50 years' of existence. The IAA has as members from all over world and Nair was re-elected for a second stint (for two years) in October 2011. With 1,200 members to its credit, it is loaded with pioneers from the Space field. “The academicians role in IAA is being given as an award and its is decided upon after scrutinizing the contribution by individuals,” sources said. Last year, the IAA had published two path-breaking studies for the contribution to both humanity and space community, under Nair's command.
When asked about the outbursts of Nair on Wednesday, sources shot back: “How long can he take the humiliation? Somebody has to speak out and he spoke his heart out for the first time. As of now, he will watch the developments.”
As the battle-lines are already drawn in ISRO for Space War-II, it is left to be seen whether the current ISRO Chairman Radhakrishnan – the alleged master-mind behind the secret order – and his predecessor will have any Nair-row escape route left to come out of this mega mess. Going by the sentiments of ISRO scientists and insiders owing allegiance to Madhavan Nair, the atmosphere at Antriksh Bhawan – ISRO Headquarters in Bangalore – has already polluted and the Chairman will have a tough time keeping his flock together .
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Nair to go Kalam way; to inspire young minds

The sishya in Madhavan Nair is all set to follow the foot-steps of his guru A P J Abdul Kalam with a new mission to inspire India. “I have been doing this for the last two years and now have decided to aggressively purse it by talking to to college students and schoolchildren. If India has to grow in a sensible and systematic way, we should inspire our youth. At least, they will be loyal to the nation,” Madhavan Nair told Express.
“I have already made-up my mind and a blueprint is ready. I shall be formally launching my mission so that students across India will have more access to me. Their minds will be my laboratory and I am confident of contributing to their growth the scientific way,” says Nair.
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